Farewell to Stan Lee, my true hero


I don’t want to brag of having Spidey senses or anything like that, but today while eating lunch I felt that someone fairly seasoned had passed away. I did not pay much attention at that time, after all, our minds are active sending thoughts our way 24/7. It was until I started checking my news feed, there it was: “Stan Lee dies at 95”.

I don’t think I’m good at discussing what entitles someone’s death, what I do want to do is to share what this great man represented for me, so if you are in the mood for a walk down memory lane, here we go.

When I was growing up I remember my father usually avoided watching cartoons with us, he said they were not up his alley. I grew thinking, for some years, that I would eventually stop liking them, since our dads usually represent what we believe we will become. I must say that by my 17th birthday, the feeling of being a late bloomer was constantly on my mind: “When am I going to move on from this stuff I like so much?”.

To no one’s surprise I still like cartoons, and comics, T-shirts with hero logos, and even a handful of decoration figures. I have enjoyed the Marvel cinematic universe since it started ten years ago, in 2008. Although not being a collector, this topic has always been part of my 10 top interests.

Whoa whoa whoa… no judgement please, those movies average 850 million dollars worldwide, so more than one of you have gone too!

Anyway, once I “accepted” I was not going to be exactly like my dad, I just embraced who I was in that subject matter. I guess I never though that comics and cartoons are willingly made by adults, probably my opinion was that “someone had to do it” even if it was not their dream. It was late in my adulthood when I realized that this was a passion for some grownups – but not as late as what it took me to start this blog! I could not believe that some adults were into this stuff, yes, I was pretty naive – remember no internet back in my early days.

I know it was not always easy, he faced severe financial problems, and almost sold Marvel to DC comics so it was not a smooth ride. As corny as it sounds, darkness precedes the light.

I thank Stan the man for embracing his dreams and giving birth to so many great characters. For the goosebumps in the theater, when Thor became a god again by sacrificing his life for the puny humans, or when RDJ said: “Yeah, I can fly”, and also for the X-Men cartoons I watched before going to the office in the 90s, what a way to eat breakfast and get ready for adult world!

Stan, you have been an inspiration to a lot of people, showed us that you can be successful by doing what you love – we are capable of creating a plethora of things – and most of all, to never be ashamed of who you are. Your life is yours to live and there is always someone who likes what you enjoy.


YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QVdYej6TA0

Fair use: The image of this post is a portion of a picture I took at 2018’s Lima Comic-con, after applying a filter and adding text.

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